SERVICES: Live Event Recording and Streaming

Streaming video material live over the internet is becoming very popular. Now you can broadcast your event on the web with one or more cameras and allow free access to the internet broadcast or charge a pay per view fee. Examples of live webcasting projects can be the streaming of a sales meeting, a one time special event, a weekly prayer service, a training seminar or a news program, just to name a few. We can set it all up for you.

The Amazing Newtek Tricaster

The Tricaster is a video switcher, titler, recorder, streamer all in one box. It can take up to eight cameras and also has a built in audio mixer. It can work with computer sources such as Power Point as well as computer movie files. It is a total TV studio in a box. Record it, Stream it live! Call today for a free demonstration of this incredible machine.


DVD Duplication Services